Special Issue

Title Current Analytical Techniques and Applications in Pharmaceutical Analysis
Description The development of the pharmaceuticals brought a revolution in human health. These pharmaceuticals would serve their intent only if they are free from impurities and are administered in an appropriate amount. To make drugs serve their purpose various chemical and instrumental methods were developed at regular intervals which are involved in the estimation of drugs. These pharmaceuticals may develop impurities at various stages of their development, transportation and storage which makes the pharmaceutical risky to be administered thus they must be detected and quantitated. For this analytical instrumentation and methods play an important role. In conclusion, although simple techniques such as UV/VIS spectrophotometry and TLC are still extensively employed, HPLC is the most popular instrumental technique used for the analysis of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the issue will particularly emphasize on the publication of research findings that indicate toward application in Pharmaceutical Analysis. We believe that your contribution would create a high standard of reliability and useful information within this Journal.